NGC 5078
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NGC 5078


NGC 5078
Description: Right Ascension: 13 : 19.8 (hours : minutes)
Declination: -27 : 24 (degrees : minutes)
Apparent Magnitude: 12. p
Apparent Diameter: 3.2 (arc minutes)

Here an edge-on spiral galaxy with nearby neighbor is displayed floating in the direction of Hydra. NGC 5078 is an interesting galaxy due to jets of gas that are being ejected from the disk. These jets (superwinds) can be detected in the radio wavelengths of light (radio telescopes). This galaxy is similar in structure to NGC 5746. However, at an estimated distance of 94 million lights away, it is much more distant. Source NOAO
Date: 02.11.2006 12:55
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Added by: karcher

Caption: Processed with MaxIm DL

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