NGC4038-NGC4039 Antennae,Ring-tail Galaxy
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NGC4038-NGC4039 Antennae,Ring-tail Galaxy


NGC4038-NGC4039 Antennae,Ring-tail Galaxy
Description: NGC4038-NGC4039
Antennae,Ring-tail Galaxy

Explanation: This galaxy is having a bad millennium. In fact, the past 100 million years haven't been so good, and probably the next billion or so should be quite tumultuous. NGC 4039 was a normal spiral galaxy, minding its own business, when NGC 4038 crashed into it. The evolving wreckage, known as the "Antennae", is pictured above. As gravity pulls each galaxy apart, clouds of gas slam into each other and bright blue knots are formed. These knots are large clusters of stars imbedded in vast regions of ionized hydrogen gas. The high abundance of relatively dim star clusters is quite unlike our Milky Way's globular cluster system, though. Perhaps some of these young star clusters will go on to form globular clusters, while others will disperse through close gravitational encounters. The two faint lines extending from the galaxies are stars being ejected from the galaxy collision.

Ring-Tail Galaxy

Dreyer description: Pretty bright, considerably large, round, very gradually brighter middle.
Other ID: ESO572-47
Other ID: MCG-3-31-14
Other ID: UGCA264
Other ID: PGC37967
Magnitude: 10.9
RA: 12h 02m 02.8s Dec: -18°53'05"
RA: 12h 01m 52.8s Dec: -18°51'54" (Epoch 2000)
Source: The Sky
Date: 02.11.2006 13:31
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Caption: Processed with MaxIm DL

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